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MBGRG Burial Grounds and War Memorial Location Map

Map showing locations of burial grounds and War Memorials where all monumental inscriptions, visible or buried,  have been fully recorded and systematically photographed (unless specifically stated otherwise), and other sites which are actively being researched.  A key to symbols used, is shown below the interactive map, with an important note on geo-referencing accuracy.

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Note:  War Memorials are denoted by a coloured marker with 'dot'.       

Churchyards, Cemeteries and War Memorials fully researched,  with all monumental inscriptions having been published by the Moray Burial Ground Research Group (MBGRG) or Aberdeen and North-East Scotland Family History Society (ANESFHS). Abstracted MI details are normally available one month after publication, on our on-line 'Ancestor databases',  which includes both visible and buried stones. These are searchable by surname or maiden surname for all burial grounds, or by specific burial ground.
Localities where work is currently in progress by MBGRG members, recording and/or photographing monumental inscriptions from both visible and buried tombstones.
Items or locations, which fall out with the above categories, but which have been photographed.


Geo-referencing information given here, is for general guidance only, and users should check detailed maps for precise location information.  Though every effort has been made to be accurate, some Lat/Long details have been derived from poor quality satellite imagery, and as such are liable to error. 


Date last modified: Tue 11 Mar 14