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Moray Burial Ground Research Group

Membership Categories and Application Form

The Group Constitution currently caters for five distinct classes of annual membership for individuals, ranging in price from 2.50 to 14 per annum, with Institution and Family Membership also available.

Prospective members may apply to join the Group at any time, but please note however, that all approved memberships are deemed to be effective from 1st March of the current year of application.

If you are interested in joining the Group, you may use the link below to download the Application Form (pdf format), or 'Contact Us', and if resident in the UK, we will post the appropriate Application Forms to you. 

**** Non UK residents, please click here to read this important notice ****

Prices effective from 24th March 2018

Download Application Form here

Associate Membership (7 per annum)
UK residents only. A member who generously supports the activities of the Group, and who will receives copies of the Annual Report and Newsletters if requested. Under the Constitution, Associate members are not permitted to actively participate in the regular activities of the Group. See Chairman's remarks on the importance of your support.

Country Membership (10 per annum)
As an Ordinary Member, but whose main residence is in excess of 50 miles from Elgin, and who therefore may be less able to take full advantage of all the activities of the group. This is the Membership normally applicable to non UK residents, but see notes above

Ordinary Membership: (14 per annum)
A member permitted to participate fully, in all normal activities of the Group, and eligible to receive copies of the Annual Report and Newsletters. 

Student or Unwaged Membership: (2.50 per annum)
A new Membership category instigated in April 2017. A member permitted to participate fully, in all normal activities of the Group, and eligible to receive copies of the Annual Report and Newsletters. 

Family Membership: (24 per annum) 
Two persons living at the same address, will be considered as Ordinary Members, but only one copy of the Annual Report, and Newsletters will be supplied.

Institutional Membership (30 per annum)
Membership by a voluntary or professional organisation. An Institution member will receive the Annual Report and Newsletters. In respect of all other benefits, conditions and rules relating to an Institution, the Committee is empowered to consider each applicant on an individual basis. In practical terms this refers to how many people from each Institution may take part in Group activities if so desired at any one time, and how membership relates to on-site visits for insurance purposes.

Each Institutional member will be offered the use of a single web page on the MBGRG website, to publicise their Institution. This will enable the member to forward any promotional material, including logo and graphics, to our webmaster, so long as this does not in any way conflict with the website, or the ideals of MBGRG in general. It should also where possible reflect the interaction and co-operation undertaken between the work of the Institution and MBGRG. All such material will be inserted and updated by our own MBGRG Webmaster, in agreement with the Institutional member.
Please 'Contact Us' if you are interested in further details.

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