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If looking for names recorded as part of a Monumental Inscription, please use the Ancestor Indices options.

For a simple search, enter your search word(s) in the parameter box and select Search - more options are available on the Advanced Search panel, you are limited only by your imagination.

If searching for surnames, or place names, there may well be spelling variations, make full use of wildcards - for example 'Cr*shank*' will extract 'Cruickshank', 'Cruickshanks', 'Cruikshank', 'Crookshank', and others - and 'Pitc*roy' will pick up 'Pitchroy' and 'Pitcroy' in the parish of Knockando.

In many of the lists, personal names may be recorded as 'Surname, Forename', search both ways round - for example 'John Shand' and 'Shand John'.